Centa Holdings

The Centa Holdings conglomerate is comprised of seven companies that represent seven cloud-based workflow and financial management SaaS platforms, which procure and streamline operations in its own unique way.

Each company covers its own specific market within the Long-Term Health Care industry.

Centa Holdings Solutions

Centa Holdings, Inc., a holding company for a set of seven cloud-based workflow and financial management solutions that target the rapidly growing Managed Long-Term Health Care industry, including

Centa Holdings Markets

Our clients, Long-Term Care market players are very receptive to leveraging the finest workflow innovations and financial management technology in today's growing market. Our robust new models are based on the convenience of software as a service combined with the concept of agile development and banking grade security.

$550B The U.S. long term care (LTC) market is expected to reach USD 549.7 billion by 2024*

$1.3T Global long term care market size is estimated $1.3 Trillion*

* The numbers based on IBISWorld and Kalorama researche 2013-2020.

Centa Holdings Difference

Unlike the competition, Centa Holdings solutions have eliminated outdated legacy technologies, setting new standards with a platform built from ground up and specifically tailored to serve Long-Term Care.

In addition to technological software advances, one of Centa's greatest strengths is its ability to offer premium level service at a cost-effective price. The bottom line is that this saves clients a tremendous amount of time and money.

Centa Holding solutions measurably reduce operating expenses, simplifies audits, and provides an unprecedented transparency for regulators. It also speaks to the bottom line with increased profitability.