Centa Holdings Companies

Centa software covers the entire market niche vertical. Centa Holdings includes seven companies that represent seven cloud-based workflow and financial management SaaS platforms.

Each company covers its own specific market within the Long-Term Health Care industry where it procures and streamlines management operations in its own unique way.

Carecenta, Inc. - - Home Care Agency Management SaaS established in 2013 with strong customer base build in the US and Canada.

Carecenta provides complete one-stop solution in intake, patient management, home care visit scheduling, compliance, billing, accounts receivables, payroll and reporting.

Its customers are both medical and non-medical, skilled and non-skilled home care agencies of various sizes from large enterprise with thousands of patients and multiple offices across the US to a small startup.

The Home Care industry will continue its strong expansion, accounting for revenues of $112.6 Billion dollars in 2015* and 31.8% of all industry revenues, as both private managed care and government health care providers increasingly seek to reduce the cost of institutionalized care by encouraging plan participants to utilize home health care. 2014 revenues were upwards of $89 billion dollars. **
* Kalorama; ** IBIS

Daycenta, Inc. - - Adult Day Care Management SaaS. Daycenta is the first software on the market specifically built for the rapidly growing adult day care market. It is suitable for both the social and medical adult day care models.

According to the Center for Diseases Control Prevention (CDC), as of 2030 the population of Americans ages 65 years or older is expected to rise to 72 million, constituting around 20% of the total population of the U.S.

Nursing Cloud, Inc. - - A complete Nursing Management SaaS. Streamlines and optimizes nursing service management through state-of-the-art technology in tracking, monitoring and communication to minimize service turnarounds, speeding up cashflow, and greatly affecting their bottom line.

The software is suitable for skilled, visiting, and home infusion nursing.

Hospicenta, Inc. - - Hospice Management SaaS. Bringing modern day innovation and flexibility to the hospice sector, Hospicenta is facilitating for both adults and children’s hospices with flexible and configurable management solutions.

The $18.9 Billion Dollar hospice industry is projected to grow 7.4% annually through 2017*

Alcenta, Inc. - - Assisted Living Management SaaS. Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Memory Care Communities, Residential Care Homes (RCFEs, CBRFs, AFHs, etc.), and CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities) can use the Alcenta assisted living management SaaS to easily plan, track and manage their entire ADL care delivery and medication management operations.

According to the National Caregivers Library, currently around one million Americans live in the nearly 30,000 various types of senior living communities, and that number is expected to double by the year 2030.

Nurcenta, Inc. - -Nursing Home Management SaaS. Nursing homes, now more commonly known as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), serve as licensed healthcare residences for individuals who require a higher level of medical care than can be provided in an assisted living facility.

Skilled nursing staff consisting of RNs, LPNs, and certified nurses’ aides (CNAs) are available to provide 24-hour medical attention. Revenues in 2014 exceeded $132 billion dollars.*

Inscenta, Inc. - - This proprietary software can assist an insurance company to aggregate data for the oversight of its managed long-term care programs and plans, improve transparency and accuracy of caregiver scheduling, plan of care compliance, as well as billing and reporting.

The software provides the ability to conduct remote audits in real-time, eliminating the need to conduct visits in person as well as greatly operating costs.

Centa Monitor, Inc. - This proprietary software can assist government agencies, such as Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) or a State Departments of Health to aggregate data for the oversight of its managed long-term care programs and plans, improve transparency and accuracy of caregiver scheduling, plan of care compliance, as well as billing and reporting.

This software can be an invaluable tool to the health care regulatory bodies and can save tax payers a great deal of money. The platform is designed as a universal state-wide management system.